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Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser (Liquid/Spray/Foam type)

Product ID: 20LSF

Auto soap dispenser has infrared sensor for automatic hand sanitizer spraying which prevents direct physical contact with the machine.

Three adjusting segments designed to suit your personal preference.

This product is lightweight and easy to install. It can be placed on a platform or hung up.

Perfect for houses, offices, and public environments.

Designed and manufactured in Taiwan. The product is reliable and of high quality.

*The product is an Automatic soap/sanitizer Dispenser. Do not use for other purposes.

*Keep the product away from heat, sparks, and fire. It should be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place.

*Do not put any hazardous substances into the product, such as acid, alkaline, toxin, etc.

*Keep face away from the spray nozzle to prevent triggering the sensor and possibly injuring the eyes.



Led indicate:

Power on: Red led flash 3 times, then Blue led flash 1 time, system start

Function Key: Blue led flash 0.9 ml

              Red led flash 1.4 ml

              Purple led flash 0.6 ml

Prime new soap: Press and hold function key

                Till Red led flash 3 times

                Then release, blue led on 2 seconds,

                Then pump work 2 seconds

Low battery warning: Red led flash every 2 seconds

Battery fail: Red led on, system halt

Function key volume adjustable

The default volume Blue Led (0.9 ml)

Click button show Red Led (1.4 ml)

Click button show Purple Led (0.6 ml)

Power: Alkaline AA x 4 or DC 6V Adaptor (not included)

Volume: 1500ml

Output control: online button control power off function for refill soap

Batter life:40,000

Dimension: 19 x 14 x 22 cm

Weight: 670 g

Soap type: Liquid/alcohol/foam

Driver: Diaphragm pump

Install type: desktop/wall mount

Water proof

Made in Taiwan

Contact Detail
Contact:Ms. Anny Jan
Address:No. 7, Lane 19, HongYe St., ShenKeng Dist., New Taipei City,22245 Taiwan.
TEL:886-2-2662 2647
FAX:886-2-2664 0168